• 2022.02.02.: VLBA publishes new journal article about the Bicycle Data website
    The Bicycle Data website that was developed by the student team of the University of Oldenburg (Department of Business Informatics VLBA) as part of the BITS initiative delivers a huge amount of processed cycling data to the CyclingDataHub and all interested stakeholders. The development of the website included a lot of specific working steps as […]
  • 2021.12.03.: VIVES and VLBA are evaluating the Bicycle Data project
    The BITS project has already worked on data driven cycling solutions  for more than 2,5 years. A lot of data and analysis results were provided by the Bicycle Data team to the BITS circle. In this context it is time for evaluating the effect and the contribution of the Bicycle Data website to the further uptake of […]
  • 2021.11.24.: Bicycle Data becomes part of the CyclingDataHub
    The BITS project is building up a huge database on European bicycle data sets. In these days the CyclingDataHub (CDH) which connects all the data sources from different countries as a core component received an update. Nearly 200 of the 258 data links to external data sources that are available on the open data platform so far […]
  • 2021.10.18.: VLBA presents Bicycle Data results at international bicycle conference in Copenhagen
    The Business Informatics Department VLBA presented latest findings in the Bicycle Data context from the projects SmartHelm, which is funded for 3 years by the mFUND program, and the European project BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) at the Cycling Research Board Annual Meeting (CRBAM 2021) in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. The conference, which already took […]
  • 2021.10.06./07.: European partners discuss about the future path of BITS
    Already the 8th Steering Group Meeting as part of the European project BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) took place at the 6th and 7th of October 2021. The online meeting with stakeholders from the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Denmark and Germany gave an overview about recently started and already planned ITS implementations for cycling and cycling data collection in […]
  • 2021.09.28.: Bicycle Data wins national student prize in Germany
    The Bicycle Data student project of the VLBA Department of the University of Oldenburg was a big success – also regarding its contribution to the promotion of cycling and the relating solution of environmental problems in European cities. This is also reflected by the ranking of the Environmental Informatics Prize 2021 for students: In competition […]
  • 2021.09.22.: Welcoming a new partner
    Bicycle Data is not only a research project by a University, but it also involves experts from leading European cycling cities to collect feedback and to deliver useful results to the practical work of these stakeholders. Especially Denmark is famous for cycling: The city of Aarhus, the second largest city of the scandinavian country, is […]
  • 2021.09.15.: VLBA presents Bicycle Data at international conference in Italy
    The actually running BITS project (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) was recently presented at the Living and Walking in Cities LWC Conference. In his talk research associate Johannes Schering of the VLBA department emphasized the importance of bicycle data for the further uptake of cycling in European cities. In the presentation of his research paper […]
  • 2021.06.14.: Change of data structure
    Since we changed the format of the open data portal to the new DatexII format last week, the old links already created didn’t work until now. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you experience any issues about the links, please feel free to message us and explain your problem, so we can find the […]
  • 2021.06.07.: Service Annoucement
    On Tuesday, the 8th June, 2021, the API won’t be available in the period from 12 pm until 10 pm because of maintenance. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this.
  • 2021.04.16.: Business Informatics (VLBA) student team presents results on European open bicycle data
    The Oldenburg University (Business Informatics – VLBA) student project group Bicycle Data recently presented its final results on the analysis of European cycling data to the interested public. The almost two and a half hour digital event was embedded in a BITS Academy, which took place as part of the EU-funded project BITS – Bicycles […]
  • 2021.04.14.: Recording of the BITS Academy available on YouTube
    You can find the recording of the Academy here.
  • 2021.03.06.: Invitation final presentation 09.04.2021
    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to invite you (and your colleagues) to our final presentation of the Bicycle Data student project group. As part of the meeting we would like to present our results in the field of bicycle data. This will mainly include a live demo of our website with functionalities for […]
  • 2021.03.04.: VLBA students present Bicycle Data Dashboard to European partners
    As part of the Interreg project BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems), the sixth internal project meeting (Steering Group Meeting) took place at the beginning of March. The student project group Bicycle Data presented their recently developed Bicycle Data Dashboard to the public for the first time. As part of a live demo, René Rohde, […]
  • 2020.12.04.: Second interim presentation
    On 04.12.2020 the project group invited the project partners and other interested parties to its second interim presentation. The results already achieved were presented, as well as an overview of the goals the group wants to achieve by the end of the project group in March 2021. Last but not least, the event was also […]
  • 2020.11.19.: Invitation interim presentation 04.12.2020
    Dear Sir or Madam, we would like to invite you to our second interim presentation of the student project group Bicycle Data. As part of the online meeting we would like to present our preliminary results and give you an insight into our future topics. As part of the research project BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent […]
  • 2020.11.16./17.: Smarthelm partners discuss current development status
    The partners involved in the interdisciplinary Smarthelm research project have now met for a two-day digital project meeting. Important topics of discussion were the implementation of upcoming studies for further testing of the helmet under corona conditions. Helmet manufacturer UVEX presented the latest version of the Smarthelm (including a visor for better sun protection), while […]
  • 2020.10.16.: Meeting with the BITS partners
    On September 29 and 30, two students of our project group participated in a project meeting with international partners of the BITS project. Each project partner presented the status of their current research, explained what obstacles have arisen since the Corona pandemic and how the project will proceed. The interim results of our project group […]
  • 2020.08.28.: First interim presentation
    On 28.08.20 the project group invited the project partners and other interested parties to their first interim presentation. The results already achieved were presented, as well as an overview of which goals the group still wants to achieve in the coming months.Last but not least, the event was very informative for the group, as the […]