Welcome to SmartHelm Behavioral data Repository

This data repository consists of different types of data collected during the experiments as a part of the SmartHelm research project.

The important data sources are EEG data, Eye-Tracking data and GPS location data.
– EEG data contains electrical brain activity in 7 channel timeseries data.
– Eye-Tracking data contains 6 channel timeseries data.
– GPS location data contains the latitude, longitude, velocity, altitude, and accuracy.

How to use this download Portal?
  1. Choose the data type you want to download
  2. Select specific date to the corresponding dataset
  3. Choose your preferred file type. CSV is easy to access via Microsoft Excel and most analysis tools. Parquet is a new time-series data format that offers lower file sizes.
  4. Read the Legal notes and check with Preview the data format and the estimated file size
  5. Press Download to download the dataset

Latest data update

  1. Current data from the year 2021, data collected as part of SmartHelm summer study 2021 is now available in the portal
  2. Added new data from the SmartHelm study in October 2022 with alternative EEG/Eye-Tracking/GPS sensors. Updated distration markers including visual/mental/auditive distractions.